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Volunteers are valuable and treasured members of VCS. We offer several ways for volunteers to partner with our organization to help restore people life, health and hope.

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Free Jobs Training

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Help us to give even more, Support our free training program in any way you can, remember life on the street is not by choice.

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Housing & Clothing Is Every Human Mission.

Love, Hope, Light And Home, Help us to support the homeless families through our housing and clothing program.

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About us.

we are a non-profit resource and referral center

Who we are

Venable Community Services Inc, Is a resource and referral center, As the years progress the need for services increase our mission is to reduce the violence, poverty and homelessness in the RVA and surrounding areas.

Venable Community Services Inc, Is a faith-based re-entry program, our ultimate goal is to support individuals who have the desire to change their life and become productive members in the community.

Our Mission

Venable Community Services Inc, Is an organization focused on the restoration of our participants, our ultimate goal is to support the individuals who have the desire to change their lives and become more productive members in the society.

Our participants will learn how to:.

  • Prepare for steady employment.
  • Develop and mend strong family relationships.
  • Assist with community services.
  • Comply with community partners.

Our Vision

Venable Community Services Inc Vision is to reduce the recidivism, homelessness and poverty for those who have past and current felonies in the Richmond Virginia Area.

By providing resources and referrals to educate and empowering our participants and their families we will be able to create sustained changes in those who commit to our philosophy.

Every penny counts


Support our causes by your donations, remember Every penny counts

  • $ 221
    $ 20,000
    Homelessness Reduce

    Help us to help those in need for home

  • $ 1,026
    $ 10,000
    Feed The Hunger

    Help us to feed as much as possible for those in need

  • $ 300
    $ 5,000

    Extra or old clothes? donate to those in need

Our Progress!
These numbers always inspire us to give more.
  • 25,000

    Happy Clients
  • 109

    Community Projects
  • 23

    Sponsors And Donors
Some of our services

Our Services

Some of our main life changing services


Here at Venable Community Services, We offer resources & referrals program.

Resources And Referrals To

We are here for those in need for Food, Clothing Shelters, Jobs, Government Identification Cards, Birth Certificates and much more.

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According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, one in five Americans has a mental illness and many are reluctant to seek help or might not know where to turn for help. The symptoms of mental illness can also be difficult to detect. Even when friends and family of someone who appears to be developing mental illness can tell that something is amiss, they may not know how to intervene or direct the person to proper treatment – which means that all too often, those in need of mental health services do not get help until it is too late.

Mental Illnes

Our programs promise brighter futures to people with persistent serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia and clinical depression as well as less serious, non-chronic psychiatric issues treated in outpatient settings.

Substance Abuse

Our skilled and compassionate professionals help people emerge from alcoholism, drug addiction, chemical dependency and abuse of prescription drugs.

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Our faith-based re-entry program is to support individuals who have to change their life and become productive members in the community.

Case Management

Venable Community Services will offer case management services, the express purpose of this service is to develop a life changing plan of action and to coordinate the care and resources which will reduce the duplication and utilization of the public resources and services.

Peer Recovery Program

Venable Community Services will offer peer recovery specialist program to clients with serious mental illnesses and/or substance use disorder.

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Providing a safe, stable place for seniors, families and those with special needs to live allows us to also offer the services we are known for in settings where our clients and residents feel safe and cared for.

Providing Affordable Housing

We create and manage low and moderate-income level housing for the homeless, families with children, the elderly, veterans and their families, and people with disabilities, including physical and mental disabilities.

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Free Job Training & Resume Building

Losing a job in this economy is scary enough when you think about the potential financial ramifications. But it can be even scarier not knowing whether your skills are what employers are looking for these days. Luckily, Venable Community Services offers free job training and resume building program to help those in need to learn new skills and building their resume.

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VCS Family

Staff & Volunteers

Meet our staff & Volunteer members & become one of us

Meet Our Staff & Volunteers

Meet our amazing Staff & Volunteers, also you can apply to become a member of our family

    Alecia Venable
    CEO, Director
    Trina Coleman
    Vice President
    Donna Robinson
    Kiesha Walker
    Administrative Assistant
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